Artist's Statement

In my artisitc practice, I create connections between objects, images and materials to explore a wide range of personal and political themes. Through the interplay between colors, textures and forms of painted images and physical objects, I tell stories that echo my past experiences. My work reveals that memories are real and imagined, personal and impersonal, and opens a space for the viewer to register an emotional response.

My process of creating each image requires chance encounters as well as aesthetic deliberation. Objects sometimes offer me the means to complete a piece that feels unfinished. In such cases, my collection of materials serves as a visual inventory of possibilities that enables me to continue my work. Other times, an object’s shape, color or composition suggests the beginning of an image. 

The act of applying paint, combining materials or the putting together of paper in a collage—this physical crafting of an image—is a core part of my work. I find inspiration in the process itself. The surprising associations in my work are my way of creating a richer work with multiple layers of meaning.